2021 Guest Star Series

July 27, 2021 @ 12:57PM — January 12, 2022 @ 1:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Come explore workshops taught by leaders in creativity. You have the opportunity to explore a path to what's next, use literary fiction to help creatively problem solve and deepen your learning about balance, agility, and mindfulness.

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Three Guest Star Virtual Workshops!

Ticket Details

Three separate virtual workshops!

Title: My Compass: Design Your Life’s Work With Joy and Intention

Presenters: Sari Gluckin and Laurel Komos

Date: September 1

This session is for those interested in exploring their next career opportunity or direction.

My Compass offers a path to explore what’s next for you. You’ll “read” your internal compass and find ways to revitalize your professional growth. Rediscover what’s unique about you, what makes you come alive and what you are most curious about learning next. Use these insights to create a vision board for your next gig, role or position. The themes within will reveal your path forward.

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Title: Story Problem Solving

Presenter: Brian Kalina

Date: October 6

This session is for anybody looking to deepen their understanding of Creative Problem Solving through stories.

This session will present a tangible framework based on Creative Problem Solving (CPS) to tackle challenges and solve problems using elements found within literary fiction. The framework of Story Problem Solving (SPS) is a new tool that builds directly upon CPS.

The idea behind Story Problem Solving comes from a love of storytelling and literature. Story Problem Solving starts by presenting a library of universal story arcs found in classic literature. The story arcs are broken down into the four main stages of CPS (Clarify, Ideate,

Develop, Implement) and the problem solver uses them as a blueprint to work through and solve their own challenge.

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Title: Mindful Agility: Finding Balance

Presenter: Michael Ackerbauer

Date: November 3

This session is for anyone who missed Mike’s CPSI session, who wants to revisit that session, or who wants to deepen their learning about balance, agility, and mindfulness.

Two recent themes in professional development are agility and mindfulness. One is about understanding the dynamic nature of client service in turbulent times. The other speaks to our individual well-being and proactive approach to dealing with change. This interactive workshop explores the complementary relationship between agility and mindfulness that move teams from collaboration to co-creation.

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